WinPcap: The Windows Packet Capture Library

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WinPcap started as a University project in 1998 within the Computer Networks Group (NetGroup) at the Politecnico di Torino. It was published on the Web, for the first time, in 1999.  Over the years, several companies and individuals have contributed (with both financial support and ideas) to the NetGroup, and have been instrumental in implementing some of the features in WinPcap (and the other tools developed by the NetGroup). 

Since May 2005 the WinPcap project has moved to a new site,, since the WinPcap project is no longer being maintained at Politecnico di Torino.

At this time we would like to acknowledge all of the organizations and people who contributed to the Netgroup and the WinPcap project during the University years.  Below is a list of all of the contributors.  THANK YOU!


Major Contributors




1999-2004 Hardware, Software, Grant
2001-2002 Grant
2002 Hardware
2002 Grant
2003 Grant
2003 Grant


Other Contributors

01/04/15 Reinhard Fink Developing Windows NT Device Drivers: A Programmer's Handbook book
01/04/20 Anonymous Ethernet, the definitive guide book
01/05/08 Steve Gibson ( TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1: The Protocols book
TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 2: The Implementation book
Internet Routing Architectures book
Windows NT/2000 book
01/05/17 Matt Hargett Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English book
01/05/19 Nate Lawson Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools book
01/05/28 ADMtek corporated Routing in the Internet book
01/06/04 The Ethereal development group 3Com 3C996 Gigabit Copper adapters (two) NIC adapters
01/06/05 Stefan Norberg Securing Windows NT/2000 Servers for the Internet book
01/06/17 James Macfarlane Programming Windows Security book
01/07/20 John Borz (HP) Wireless LAN - Standards and applications book
01/07/27 Anonymous DNS and Bind book
01/07/29 Anonymous Interconnections Second Edition book
01/07/30 Steve Catto Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English book
01/07/31 Dan Wireless LANs book
01/08/15 Uwe Bannow SNMP, SNMPv3 and RMON 1 and 2 book
01/08/21 Anonymous Ad hoc networking book
01/09/03 Anonymous Inside Windows 2000 book
01/09/06 Paolo Mannatrizio, Vincenzo Zitiello, Matteo Pisapia MPLS: Multiprotocol Label Switching Technology and Applications book
01/09/13 Anonymous UNIX Network Programming Volume I book
01/10/01 David Jordan (NetQos) Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation book
TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1: The Protocols book
01/10/02 Anonymous Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment book
01/10/03 Liz McQuarrie and Ed Rowe, on behalf of Adobe Systems Introduction to Algorithms
(they offer Adobe software as well)
01/10/16 Steve Bennet, from Pallas Consultancy LTD Computer Networks book
01/10/21 Anonymous Switched, Fast, and Gigabit Ethernet book
01/11/05 Tomoichi Ebata Program Generators with Java and XML book
01/11/12 Anonymous Program Generators with Java and XML (bought independently on book
01/12/07 Anonymous The C++ Programming Language book
01/12/12 Anonymous Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment book
02/02/13 Anonymous Effective STL book
02/02/27 Willie The C Programming Language book
02/02/27 Anonymous The C Programming Language book
02/03/08 Chad Alan Bishop The C Programming Language
The C++ Programming Language
02/03/08 Carleton Underwood Implementing IPv6 book
02/05/26 Rolf Viehmann Implementing IPv6 book
02/09/09 Jay Sillars The Concise Guide to DNS and BIND book
02/09/09 SpanLink Corp. Routing TCP/IP (Volume 1)
Routing TCP/IP (Volume 2)
02/11/19 Steve Gibson Quality of Service in IP Networks
An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking
02/12/03 Dave Seidel Data Mining Solutions book
03/01/05 Lawrence Miller The indispensable PC Hardware Book book
03/02/10 Bob Ayres PCI System Architecture (PC System Architecture Series)
The C++ Programming Language
03/02/27 Jason Fossen (SANS Institute) Data Preparation for Data Mining book
03/05/23 Sylvain Petreolle Financial support Money
03/06/04 Robert Thornthwaite (Input-Output, Inc.) Intel Pro/1000MT Gigabit Copper adapters (two) NIC adapters
03/09/01 Frank LaDue (Advanced Technology Systems) Financial support Money
03/10/23 Christopher Dudte Financial support Money
04/01/09 TGL Microsystems, LLC (XBConnect) Financial support Money
04/02/07 Willis Harps Financial support Money
04/03/12 Jamison Charlesworth, First Stop Internet Financial support Money
04/03/12 Anthony M Garcia Financial support Money
04/04/03 William Olson Financial support Money
04/05/07 Sönke Köbke Financial support Money
04/06/06 David Markun Financial support Money
04/06/07 Chris Waters Financial support Money
04/06/22 Alexander Narinsky Financial support Money
04/06/23 Robert Henningsgard Financial support Money
04/06/29 Maccor, Inc. Financial support Money
04/07/20 iQuest Technologies Financial support Money
04/07/21 William Dettering Financial support Money
04/07/23 BitSplash Software, LLC Financial support Money
04/08/11 Kazuyuki Kanda Financial support Money
04/08/02 Hansang Bae Financial support Money
04/08/21 Tomas Lannestedt Financial support Money
04/08/24 David Simal Financial support Money
04/08/31 Anonymous Financial support Money
04/09/02 Owen Teeters Financial support Money
04/10/19 Ben Martel/Stephen Blackheath (Symmetric Systems NZ Ltd) Financial support Money



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