WinPcap: The Windows Packet Capture Library

Commercial Support

Are you interested in professional support for WinPcap? Do you want a phone number to call when something goes wrong? Do you need help in developing low-level network code? Check out CACE's support offers at!

Community Support

winpcap-announce mailing list

WinPcap users are encouraged to subscribe to the winpcap-announce mailing list. It is a low volume, moderated list for announcements about WinPcap.

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winpcap-users mailing list

winpcap-users is for generic discussion about WinPcap and Windows network tools development.

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Before posting on the winpcap-users mailing list, remember that most questions and problems already have an answer. Have a look at:

The WinPcap FAQ
The WinPcap documentation
This mailing list archive (older messages)
The WinDump FAQ
The WinDump documentation

Note that in order to limit spam, only subscribed users are allowed to post messages on the list.

Need to report a bug?

Please follow the directions in the Bug Report page.

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